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Almost all our products are visually based and are designed to provide unique insights – or enable you to engage with the physical world in different ways. We see the world differently, and we can help you see your world differently too.


What we do

The Virtulab is part of CG Tech, an international engineering services group focusing on planning and executing client projects safely, successfully, and on time. The Virtulab develops digital solutions that transform traditional project management processes and enhance outcomes.


Vision and Values

We seek to create high performance technologies that drive client project success and improve efficiency, and profitability.



People First




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The Virtulab suite of services creates and visualises digital twins of your physical real estate and assets, enabling you to plan better, work more flexibly and execute projects more efficiently. Explore the links.


Client Testimonials

We enjoyed working with The Virtulab on the production of an interactive product catalogue which we designed to demonstrate the use of our products within a dynamic customer environment. The team showed a can do attitude and adapted well as some changes were made to the scope through the development process. We have since extended the use of the tool to support bid presentations and hope to extend the relationship moving forwards.

Simon Martindill
Head of Marketing at G4S

The Virtulab team has produced great renders and visualisations which have helped ensure our teams and our clients are aligned to execution methodologies which have resulted in our project success rates increasing exponentially. Thevirtulab team has transformed our business into a leading competitor in our markets, which has resulted in exponential growth and value which cannot be measured.

Jason English
Chief Ecosystem Officer at CG Tech

The Virtulab are true experts in data processing. They offer huge value to SOARIZON customers, helping them to further streamline their end-to-end drone operations. The Virtulab team are dedicated and innovative, always looking for new ways to deliver the very best in digital data services.

Kayla Kerr
Marketing Lead at SOARIZON

The technological tools The Virtulab bring to the table have allowed us to revolutionise our service offering. They deliver first class results in short timeframes and working with them has been a real game changer for us and our clients.

Max Corfield-Moore
Serious Stages

The Virtulab team is committed to not only producing a better than expected result, but also work to extremely tight deadlines and have to date not disappointed.

Dany de Barros

The team at Virtulabs get it. Rather than build another “pseudo 3D” virtual event platform, they’ve created a genuinely engaging platform that event organisers like me are proud to share with our clients. The level of customisation and robustness of Virtuworx has allowed me to be as creative as I want in my event proposals, and has helped me grow my business. I cannot wait to see what the team comes up with next.

Felix Sim
Co-Founder at Get Out!®️


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