The Arch, a cutting-edge multi-purpose venue in Dubai, was designed to captivate and entertain visitors of all ages with its innovative blend of sports, entertainment, and family-friendly activities. At the heart of the project was a central steel arch, which served as the base for various attractions such as ziplines, climbing walls, and bag drops. Surrounding the arch, visitors could enjoy an array of amenities, including pump tracks, soccer fields, basketball courts, and outdoor fitness classes. As night fell, The Arch transformed into a dazzling spectacle with vibrant light shows and live performances by talented artists.

Our team at The Virtulab was entrusted with the first draft of construction drawings for The Arch. Leveraging our game engine platform, Virtuworx, we meticulously crafted a 3D model of the structure, enabling users to explore the space and experience the zipline activities virtually. Drawing on insights gleaned from the virtual walkthrough, our team proposed crucial design revisions that ultimately led to the creation of an even more engaging and activity-packed venue.

The Arch Version 1 – Zipline activity being tested in Virtuworx

Our 3D model also served as an invaluable tool for securing sponsorships, as we were able to visually demonstrate to potential sponsors how their branding could be strategically positioned throughout the structure. Additionally, we created an augmented reality (AR) model to facilitate productive discussions among stakeholders and produced videos based on the 3D model to guide construction workers through the building process.

Branding layout for The Arch

In the end, our collaboration with Al Laith led to a refined design for The Arch that surpassed initial expectations. James Finnigan, COO of Al Laith, praised our contributions to the project, stating:

“The Virtulab played a pivotal role in shaping The Arch into the outstanding, multifunctional venue it is today. Their expertise in 3D modelling and virtual environments allowed us to optimise the design, enhancing both form and function. The team’s dedication and creativity were instrumental in bringing our vision to life, and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the final result.”

Our work on The Arch demonstrates our commitment to creating immersive, innovative, and engaging spaces that cater to a wide range of interests, while showcasing the power of virtual technology in shaping the future of architecture and entertainment.

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The team at Virtulabs get it. Rather than build another “pseudo 3D” virtual event platform, they’ve created a genuinely engaging platform that event organisers like me are proud to share with our clients. The level of customisation and robustness of Virtuworx has allowed me to be as creative as I want in my event proposals, and has helped me grow my business. I cannot wait to see what the team comes up with next.

Felix Sim

Co-Founder at Get Out!®️

The Virtulab team is committed to not only producing a better than expected result, but also work to extremely tight deadlines and have to date not disappointed.

Dany de Barros


The technological tools The Virtulab bring to the table have allowed us to revolutionise our service offering. They deliver first class results in short timeframes and working with them has been a real game changer for us and our clients.

Max Corfield-Moore

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The Virtulab are true experts in data processing. They offer huge value to SOARIZON customers, helping them to further streamline their end-to-end drone operations. The Virtulab team are dedicated and innovative, always looking for new ways to deliver the very best in digital data services.

Kayla Kerr

Marketing Lead at SOARIZON