Corporate gift ideas for virtual events or teams

Planning a virtual event takes just as much work (if not more) as a physical or hybrid one, and working remotely or in a hybrid capacity day-to-day also has plenty of stressors, despite the massive benefits of both. Whether you’re the team leader of a virtual or remote workforce, or a PCO or event organiser, show the people you have worked with this year your appreciation with one of these gift ideas for virtual events or teams. We have excellent ideas for every price point. 


There are so many fun options out there these days, from quizzes, virtual wine tastings and cooking classes, to immersive upskilling workshops. Get the team together online to help build camaraderie and have a laughter-filled day trying or learning something new.


Your virtual team members are probably also spending a lot of time using tech and devices, and a few choice accessories can make the biggest difference to a more comfortable work day or event hosting experience. Think portable chargers, mug warmers, screen protectors and blue light blockers, branded cord organisers and device sanitising and cleaning kits. 


This is an especially helpful tool for virtual event organisers, sponsors and exhibitors, as well hybrid workers. They are likely to be travelling with laptops and this will give them the opportunity to work more ergonomically from wherever they are most comfortable. You could even look out for collapsable options for easier convenience on the go. 


Virtual events and offices as well as hybrids both need similar infrastructure, and many platforms available cater to both. The Virtulab’s flagship product, Virtuworx, is a platform that is both downloadable for a fully immersive experience, but can also run on a browser for anyone whose computers or internet connections don’t have the necessary power. Virtuworx is fully customisable so you can recreate your event or your office in a virtual space. It can stand alone as it, or form part of a hybrid event or working experience so everyone can have that same experience. If you’re planning on working remotely or hosting events virtually permanently in the future, a coworking platform or membership like Virtuworx can help your team connect more sustainably over the long term. 


This is a great idea as a gift for a team or a team leader won’t cost you anything except your time! If you have a website, you could write an article on what makes for an amazing team or team leader, using real life examples from the past year or recent projects. This shows the people you work with not only that you appreciate them, but what you appreciate about them. Some of what you have to say might happily surprise them. If you don’t have a website, you can also curate social media posts thanking your employees or your leaders. 


Project management, engaging calendars and teamwork facilitation are just some of the benefits many virtual assistant apps offer. Buy a subscription and send your team the login details so that they can dive in and customise as and when they need to. These apps add an extra layer of satisfaction to any job (who doesn’t love checking things off a list or a colour-coded schedule?) and are always a welcome resource in any workplace. 

November 11, 2021

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