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Four leadership values The Virtulab promises to uphold

Vision and leadership values need to be lived and breathed by an organisation. If company managers and owners instill these values correctly, honestly and legitimately, your employees, workers, partners and clients will help you to create an ecosystem that will nurture your vision. In time, everyone who is a part of your organisation will be proud to wear these values on their sleeves, instilling a positive company culture that will remain strong to see you through hard times along the way.

Values. They mean different things to different people, and different people weigh them differently. I learnt about the importance of leadership values in two significant areas in my earlier life. First, my childhood passion for rugby that continues to this day; and my first real job in the RAF, where I was employed for 13 years.

I have asked myself why I can recite rugby’s core values (Respect, Enjoyment, Discipline, Sportsmanship), but not the RAF values (Respect, Integrity, Service, Excellence), which I had to Google. Does it mean I was a bad employee? Or is it because rugby was a more enjoyable hobby so I saw those values as more important? I don’t believe it was for either of these reasons. For me, it lies in leadership.

As the youngest company within the CG Tech group, the other companies under the umbrella were well-established and had a lived-in values system already when The Virtulab entered the fold. I only had the pleasure of small visits to the Al Laith, PROMMAC and New Age Engineering teams, but on each occasion, I was always surprised and impressed with the quality of top-down leadership and how every employee I encountered lived the same values.

As time went on, I attended more group CEO meetings and workshops, where we have the opportunity to share our good news, work out our troubles together, discuss collaborative opportunities and attempt to look as far into the future as our crystal balls will allow us. Listening to and engaging with my fellow CEOs was a fantastic learning opportunity for me, one that I am sure others have paid thousands for. Each meeting with leaders like Niall Carroll, Andrew Jackson, Jason English, Joseph Zinyana, Dany De Barros, Eugene O’Doherty and Donal Malloy was a short lesson in life and business. Each of them is a living representation of the values they had stapled to the top of our group website; it reminded me of the culture I had seen and grown up with playing rugby over all of those years, and perhaps they represent what was missing from RAF leadership.

It was because of this that CG Tech’s vision appealed to me. As a group, WE believe strongly in our leadership values. We live them. We breathe them.


From drones flying in inner cities to the software used by our clients and colleagues on live sites, we always ensure we drive and live a culture of safety.


Our personnel are second to none, in my humble opinion, and the way we act, react and engage with them, our clients and others is of paramount importance.


As we grow, we promise ourselves and our clients that we will remain agile and employ creative-problem-solving people.


The Virtulab team, and our wider sister companies’ employees, are responsible for our own actions and for honouring our commitments to each other and our clients.

If you are interested in seeing more of what The Virtulab does, take a look at our VirtuServices here and get in touch.