6 creative ideas to make your virtual event fun

Whether you’re hosting a business-to-business virtual event or something more entertainment focused, you want your attendees to have the best time possible. Increase the success of the occasion by learning how to make your virtual event fun to keep customers coming back for more.  


This is the best way to create a sense of wonder and excitement in your attendees, while also increasing booth and sponsor engagement at your event. Send delegates a document with a list of things to track down during the virtual event. This could include pieces of key information from various booths and sponsors, a certain number of business cards from interacting with other attendees and even a couple of Easter eggs you could have hidden around the virtual venue. This could just be a fun optional exercise for people who want to make sure they experience the full event, or you could run a scavenger hunt competition with sponsored prizes to really get people involved and immersed. 


During the COVID-19 pandemic, the travel industry rallied to create programs and platforms that could give potential customers a new experience from the safety of their own homes. You could include a shortened version of this kind of virtual tour at your event for delegates to kick back and enjoy if they have some time to kill. They will also simply appreciate the gesture of taking their virtual experience somewhere different, helping to solidify their trust in your brand. 


An event within your event! Your delegates are often around to network, so opening up a space and time for them to do that, and only that, will help them feel that your event was productive to them. Choose a time and place within your event space on the platform and send email invitations to all your ticket-holders. Encourage them to sip on the beverage of their choice at home and just get to know everyone else in the proverbial room, with the security in knowing that everyone else is also there to network, removing any sense of awkwardness or uncertainty. 


Show your delegates that you care about their mental health (and the amount of screen time they’ve been getting these days) by including a sound bath experience at your event. A sound bath is a relaxation technique that draws focus primarily on sound. What makes the experience all the more fun, is getting to hear and feel the sound waves move through your headset from one ear to the other. You can download a sound bath or have one specially created just for your event. From there, make sure your customers know where to go in the events platform to download or listen to the audio themselves.


If there’s one thing that made literally everyone happy during the virtual revolution of the past two years, it’s people’s pets appearing on screen during meetings and conferences. If you choose a virtual events platform with a video sharing function (like Virtuworx!) for meetings, networking, key notes and demos, you could create an event within your event where delegates can sign up to come on screen from home and show off their pets to make everyone watching smile. 


If your event happens to fall on International Coffee Day, just as an example, you could partner with a coffee sponsor for discounts or vouchers for event attendees. This will show them that you have gone above and beyond to put thought, care and fun into every element of the event. This is also a great way to drive engagement and get a good ROI from a sponsorship opportunity. 
Learn more about our virtual events platform, Virtuworx, here.

December 6, 2021

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