4 ways virtual reality technology can drive increased productivity

Virtual reality technologies have probably been on your radar for quite some time now, especially with the increased affordability of VR headsets. While it is most commonly known as being used in the gaming sphere, virtual reality can enhance the way you do business too. 

What is virtual reality?

Virtual reality (VR) is a computer- or software-generated three-dimensional image or environment that appears in a digital space, like on your PC or phone. What makes it special is that it’s immersive and can be interacted with. While this makes VR ideal for the gaming community, they are also the exact reasons you can (and should) take your business productivity practices to the next level. Here’s how.

1. It connects people

Many companies around the world, including our own, are interdisciplinary and hire and work with industry players from pretty much everywhere. Virtual reality allows us to meet and enjoy a more immersive and higher-quality form of communication. As a visually-based digital enabler, we just had to use our experience in VR to create our very own events, meetings and presentations platform, Virtuworx. This platform takes the digitisation of these workplace musts and lifts them up from video and conference calls to being able to interact with people in a bespoke simulated environment, just like a game! 

2. It can make training safer and more efficient

VR training simulations will help to equip workers with the knowledge, basic skills and experience they need to complete a job without having to throw untrained persons directly into a new situation. A virtual environment is safe and efficient. For example, Forbes has identified it as the ultimate solution for training crane and hoisting employees without the risk of them injuring themselves or others and compromising property and materials. But this level of training can benefit absolutely everyone, from special-needs school children and law enforcement officers to astronauts and physicians. Plus, it’s just a fun introduction to new work!

3. Break time can be more productive

We all know by now that regular breaks throughout the workday can skyrocket productivity, creativity and energy levels. What most of us don’t know is how to take breaks correctly. Stress eating or snacking can make you lethargic. Chatting with coworkers, usually about work, doesn’t give you a chance to unwind. And watching series, movie snippets or YouTube at your desk can be disruptive for your colleagues. 

Many companies are bringing VR into their workspaces as a way for their employees to take quick breaks while keeping their minds active. HR managers the world over are experimenting with problem-solving games, bite-sized immersive tours of travel destinations and museums and platforms that allow employees to create (be it home decor, fine art or even garden landscaping). We can’t wait to see what the results of these studies will be. 

4. Talent acquisition

Hiring new employees is always risky. Even with a thorough CV, you won’t always be sure where their true talents lie until they’re on the job. From their side, they may not click with the way your company does business. Using an immersive VR platform can mitigate any risks for productivity lost during this process. You can meet with potential candidates on the platform and give them tasks to do that simulate what they’ll be working on. This trial can last a few hours or even a day or two, as long as it takes for you to get a good idea of who your candidates are and what they can do; and for them to decide if this job is the perfect fit for them. 

You can use this technology in the same way to gauge any new customers or clients you’d like to onboard. 

VR in action at CG Tech

Over the past couple of years, our sister companies within the CG Tech group have made good use of our virtual reality services. 

At Prommac PTY LTD, development is ongoing for a VR training simulator. This will teach team members to strip apart and assemble heat exchangers that are found on refineries. This shows them how to run through the correct sequence of the main procedure before they set foot on site. This form of training allows for increased safety and cost-effectiveness. 

Using our Virtuworx platform, we have worked with Al Laith to create a visual showroom to house their massive library of models. Customers can explore the showroom as avatars in Virtuworx to experience the life-like scale of the structures Al Laith is capable of building, giving them the best idea possible of what they will look like when completed. 

As an early adopter of virtual reality technologies, we have many years of experience in developing and designing immersive experiences and comfortable environments. From enhancing the on-boarding of employees and training, to engaging your clients and team members, we have a solution for you. 

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May 27, 2021

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