Digital Solutions
for analogue problems



Increasingly informed stakeholders expect relevant content anytime, anywhere and in the format of their choosing. Virtuservices enables this through boosting the impact of communication with staff and customers. Add more value to project planning, proposals, tenders, training and more.



Virtuservices was developed over a number of years to solve practical problems for the CG Tech group and better serve our clients. As a result, we have collectively secured more business and improved operating efficiencies. And as our clients have experienced the benefits for themselves, they have embraced these digital tools that help them see the world differently


First steps

For companies that are looking for digital solutions, take some first steps with The Virtulab. We will help you build your knowledge and your own digital toolkit at a comfortable pace.


How we can help you

Mixed Reality / Hologram

Virtuservices use mixed reality techniques to create real time, immersive and interactive experiences in virtual environments. Specific uses include creating a virtual business environment or training location and then enabling staff in multiple locations to engage and collaborate in real time within the virtual site.

VR Simulations

Virtuservices was an early adopter of Virtual Reality technologies. We have years of development and design experience in creating immersive and comfortable experiences in simulated environments. We can apply the technology in many ways, such as enhancing on-boarding of employees into your business, training and testing of teams, and engaging your clients in unique ways.

Augmented Reality

We have focused on AR applications in the industrial and events industries. AR is particularly useful for technical training of employees and on the job support, as well as project planning and site visualisation.

2D / 3D Animations

Animations are extremely effective in enhancing a viewer’s understanding of a process or idea. We have extensive experience in animating business processes, work methodologies, training material and concept visualisations. They are most impactful for internal training or marketing to clients.

3D Modeling

Virtuservices provides specialist 3D rendering, enabling you to build digital twins of your physical assets. A library of digital assets can then be used for planning, training, floor layout testing, visualisations, or demonstrating concepts your colleagues and clients. We can create the digital twins through scanning the physical assets and / or through using existing engineering or CAD drawings.

Software Development

Virtuservices has an extensive library of in-house software to enhance virtual experiences. These systems have been built and maintained to cater for gaps in the market where user experience is poor and and off the shelf software options are limited.

Training Video Production

Virtuservices provides technologies to enhance training. Whether your requirement is an online learning platform or the development of bespoke training materials, our team of industry specialists work with you to optimise training impact and productivity outcomes.