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See your world differently T


See your world differently

What is Virtuworx?

Virtuworx is an avatar-based virtual environment that is fully customisable and available for use across multiple sectors. Create your own experience - from designing the avatar to choosing what your virtual environment will look and feel like. Map and model an office or building for use in the platform or use your imagination to create the ultimate environment. Or use your imagination to build a unique piece of virtual real estate. And when you have done so, our AI-driven analytics will help you get the most from your experience.

In an uncertain world, Virtuworx provides you with a platform that delivers real experiences and real human connections while saving time, money and reducing your carbon footprint.

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We capture the magic of a live event. Drive engagement on the platform using our networking, sponsor and exhibitor engagement tools and much more. Create a bespoke one-off event or replicate a real-world venue while offering a full virtual or hybrid experience. Build your own conference centre to host the event of your dreams. Or attract attendees to a replica of your favourite real-world space for a virtual or hybrid exhibition. Use our smart analytics to measure audience engagement and increase sponsorship value.

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Education and training

Bring students or trainees into a hyper realistic classroom or work site that inspires learning and innovation through enhanced engagement between teachers and students. Our environments enable you to offer all the benefits of in-person education and training. We know that people learn better through play. Our gamification features will inspire learning and increase attendance and productivity.

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Remote working

While working from home is increasing popular, the office plays a vital role in reinforcing organisational culture. Virtuworx connects colleagues in the same office, in different offices, or not in the office at all. By interacting in a virtual environment that mimics the real world, your team will not only be more productive but will also have more opportunities to engage and innovate. Ensure that your organisation thrives in the new era of fully flexible working. From ‘water cooler’ moments to the boardroom hustle, anything is possible in our virtual workplace.

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Our Partners

Please take the time to look over our amazing partners details and websites.
We will be adding to this to create a global network in the coming months.

idna is a strategic events agency and PCO specialising in event and conference production, association brand building and event design and marketing.

At idna we have a passion for creative thinking.  We believe in the power of ideas. It’s in our DNA.

Ideas, design thinking and brand experiences that are so powerful and magical that they change the way consumers think and feel about your brand. Our ideas bring brands closer to their stakeholders, connecting them through touch points, experiences, events and activations. We believe that events provide a powerful platform from which to effect change and combine our knowledge of psychology, marketing and sociology to create experiences that are truly unforgettable.


Based in Singapore, Get Out!® seeks to be the ecosystem of choice for virtual event professionals. We serve event organisers and independent software vendors and enable them to be more successful in their virtual events business. Our team has organised over 2,000 events since 2012 and we continue our mission to create meaningful relationships for our clients with our partners. Our partners are the lifeblood of our business and it is our mission and responsibility to serve them and their businesses.