Real Experiences.
Real Human Connections.

Virtuworx Immerse is the closest to the real deal you will get in an online environment. The virtual platform offers an immersive, interactive and hyper-realistic environment that is cost-effective, scalable, customisable and tailored to both large and smaller virtual experiences. With Virtuworx Immerse, your only limitation is your imagination.

Bring the real world to virtual life with Virtuworx Immerse. Powered by cutting-edge virtual event technology and features, Virtuworx Immerse delivers exceptional networking capabilities that connect people from all over the world in an engaging and hyper-realistic virtual world.

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Virtuworx Immerse brings real world experiences to virtual life. There is no limit to what you can do on the Virtuworx Immerse virtual platform – virtually anything is possible.


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3 Easy Steps

Immerse yourself in the most powerful virtual platform on the planet! Virtuworx Immerse is a macOS and Windows application that is easy to download and install.

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Minimum System Requirements

Network: Broadband Internet connection (4Mbps download/Mpbs upload)

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Even Better Together

Unlock more possibilities, features and choice! Unlike any other virtual solution in the world, you can use Virtuworx Connect and Immerse together and let your audience choose how they want to engage! Create seamless virtual experiences with our Virtuworx Duo.

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